Sunday, December 9, 2012

Today ROOF would like to thank...

B & R Glass and Mirror @ 6 Federal Street in Newburyport for generously donating time and materials to fix the screens and windows at our new unit! It takes contributions large and small to help "raise all ships" in the community - thank you Helen and sons at B & R for your help!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hungry? Help ROOF by dining at Not Your Average Joe's on Tuesdays!

It starts this Tuesday at Not Your Average Joe's! Print out the certificate below, give it to your server and ROOF gets 15% of your tab! Enjoy a great meal and help ROOF help local families in transition!(Every Tuesday in December AND Thursday 27 December in lieu of Christmas Day!)

It could be any of us....

Rock Center with Brian Williams did a story last week (Wednesday 28 November) on working homeless families - families who have done everything "right" but through medical issues, the rising costs for necessities, or other crisis that have altered earning power or family income, find themselves without a roof over head. The families profiled showed the difficulties for the children. Please watch - these are the families ROOF tries to help locally and with your help, is able to help keep together and keep kids in their schools.